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Objective: To establish the major dental aspects in candidates to kidney transplantation (KT) or those who have received the transplant. Methods: Search through the PubMed database. The last articles were selected into five years (2011-2016) using the terms "oral" and "care" and "kidney transplantation" (26 articles) and "kidney transplant" and "oral health" (5 articles). We excluded studies that did not report dental approach, which were not in English and those who were not available to access, resulting in nine articles included. They were tabulated the main findings of interest to dentistry in the group pre / post KT patients as well as the conduct adopted by the authors. Results: Of the nine included articles, two articles were relevant to the pre-KT period, five for the post-KT, and two made a comparative study between the pre- and post-KT. Dental aspects in pre-KT period were: high DMFT index as well as tooth loss and gingival hyperplasia. In the post-KT period were: a poor oral hygiene that was related as a transplant rejection factor, an oral candidiasis and an osteonecrosis by bisphosphonates (OPB). In studies comparing patients on hemodialysis and post-KT patients was found: DMFT index was higher in pre-KT patients and periodontitis was higher in post-KT patients. Conclusions: A multidisciplinary team of renal transplant patients should have the participation of the dentist, as helps to reduce comorbidities related opportunistic infections, increasing the survival of the transplanted organ.

Moreira JR Editora