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The non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) is the name given to a heterogeneous group of disorders, a malignancy of T, B, or natural killer cells. They are infiltrating these normal lymphoid or hematopoietic cells. Its etiology remains unknown. However, numerous immune factors and immune deficiencies appear to be involved in their development. The treatment varies depending on the subtype of NHL and it may thus lead to the cure of patients in 50% of cases. The aim of this work is to report in detail the dental management in a patient diagnosed with NHL, underwent chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy and subsequently autologous transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. The patient was submitted to various dental procedures among them endodontics, dental restorative, rehabilitative prosthetics and oral surgery treatments. The subsequent history and confirmation of favorable clinical and laboratory conditions was not contraindicated for the dental management. The role of the dentist on cancer patients has been important over the primary years, especially regarding the oral manifestations that treatment can generate. However, patient care should take place before, during and after cancer treatment. It is possible with the adequacy of the oral environment, monitoring the events during the treatment and the recovery in the post treatment.

Moreira JR Editora