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Objective: To describe the practice in the use of PICC in hemodynamic maintenance of the potential organ donor. Method: Quantitative approach descriptive and explorative study, carried out at a public hospital in São Paulo/SP, Brazil. Data collection was carried out by a questionnaire and analyzed with the support by Microsolft Exel software. The research was approved by the Research Ethics Committee with the CAAE nº 43061014.4.0000.5452. Results: Nine potential donors used PICC catheter. Seven of these become effective donors. One patient had cardiac arrest before the completion of brain death protocol. It did not identify any complications related to the use of the catheter. Conclusion: PICC came as an alternative to other central venous catheters, given its ease of integration, low cost, and lower risk of complications, being effective and safe to perform the hemodynamic management of the potential donor.

Moreira JR Editora