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Female patient with 51 years, presented to the Multidisciplinary Clinic of Bauru Dental School with the following complaint: I am transplanted and have gingivitis. Her medical history included kidney transplantation 15 years ago, with two rejections, recurrent urinary tract infections, diabetes by using corticoid, hypertension and arrhythmia. She was using cyclosporine A, metformin, omeprazol, immunosuppressive and antihypertensive. Intra-oral clinical examination showed a generalized inflammatory gingival hyperplasia and coated tongue. Examination of panoramic radiograph indicated a moderate bone resorption, periapical lesions in the teeth 26 and 46. The CBC pointed slightly elevated white blood cell count, normal erythrocyte. Blood analysis showed ferritin (235 ng/ml), creatinine (4.21 ng / ml), glucose (105 mg / dL) and potassium (5.1 mEq / L). The treatment plan included oral adaptation through prophylaxis with ultrasound, sweeps and subsequent sub supragingival, tooth extraction 26, and the prescription mouthwash without alcohol and toothbrush use with soft bristles. This case report aims to address planning and dental care in kidney transplant recipients and its importance in the impact on the quality of life of the same.

Moreira JR Editora