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Objective: to develop an Electronic Protocol to the Cost Management Liver Transplant procedures, the steps before, during and after surgery. Method: this is a descriptive study, retrospective and documentary. Were selected in the period 1 January 2009 to 30 July 2010, 30 medical records of patients undergoing liver transplantation for creating a database through the Integrated Electronic Protocols System (SINPE ©), containing all phases of liver transplantation. Were used 17 medical records for calculating costs. Results: Analysis of the database showed that the average age of survey ranged 22-67 years, mean more expressive hospital stay occurred postoperatively in Liver Transplant Unit, and is also the stage more expensive. The use of blood and blood products ranked second in spending on liver transplantation. The estimated average cost of liver transplantation was R $ 38,226, 34. Conclusion: The use of the database enabled calculate the cost of liver transplant each patient the collection, through specific protocol, which facilitates the standardization and optimization of the time of care staff, reducing overall costs.

Moreira JR Editora