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The complicated urinary tract infection (UTI) is related to conditions that increase their risk of developing infectious process, impairing the treatment or when this is developed in a hospital setting. Conditions that are associated with complicated UTI include obstructive cause, anatomic, functional, metabolic, delay of catheter use or any type of instrumentation and urinary derivations.

Each year, about 150 million cases of symptomatic UTI around the world, of which approximately 2% of patients have complicated infections. Its incidence varies between genders according to age, however, in adulthood the urinary tract infection rises and remains in predominance of females, especially from the beginning of sexually active.

In uncomplicated UTI Escherichia coli is the bacteria responsible for most infections, while in the complicated UTI bacteria spectrum involved is much broader, including Gram positive and Gram negative, with high frequency of multiresistant organisms. This study becomes important because the ITU matches the second most common infection in the general population second only of respiratory tract infections.

Moreira JR Editora