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The cancer affects the functionality of Hematology Bone Marrow, causing disturbances in the production of blood components. Among the predisposing factors for development of this neoplasm are the physical and chemical agents, age, and family history. The hematologic malignancy can be countered by anticancer drugs or we resort to Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT). Objective: To analyze the TMO in the state of Pernambuco, in the period 2011-2012. Methods: Observational cohort study with a quantitative approach of TMO carried out in Pernambuco in 24 months. Counted as sample 274 and transplant data were collected in the Transplant Center of Pernambuco. Results: When plotting a profile of transplant, it was found that 51 % of patients undergoing BMT had their origin the state of Pernambuco, the male was more affected by hematological malignancies 53 %, the average age of transplant was between 40 - 49 years 22%. As a funding agency, the Health System has the greatest prevalence, since financed 93 % of the transplants, but the predominance of private units for enrollment and completion of BMT occurred in the state. As most frequent neoplasia met multiple myeloma 41 %, and the modality autologous BMT was performed over 62 %. As a final result, it was found that 52 % of transplanted died. Finding points to the need for a greater number of publications on the subject, because knowing the assisted public can adopt specific measures to increase the rate of survival / cure of transplant, and provide new knowledge to improve the BMT procedure.

Moreira JR Editora