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Since 2000, the medicines are, the main agent of poisoning human being registered for the SUS in Brazil. The self-medication is a procedure characterized basically for the initiative of a sick person, or of its responsible one, in getting or producing and using a product that himself believes will bring benefits in the treatment of illnesses or relief of symptoms. The objective of this work is to analyze the patients taken care of in the Unidade de Referência Especializada Demétrio Medrado who practiced self-medication during the period of September to December of 2007. This is a prospective research, transversal and of coorth involving 117 patients taken care of in the URE Demétrio Medrado, in Belém/PA, by the application of protocols containing questions related to the subject. It was verified that: 52% (61) of the patients are of the feminine sex; years are concentrated between the age of 31-40 (40,18%); 87 (74%) patients practise self-medication; 29 (33.33%) utilized it because of headache; among the medicines used without medical recommendation 35 (40.23%) patients use analgesics; 51 (58.63%) patient use the self-medication until cease the symptoms and 40 (46%) of the patients had presented some adverse reaction associated to the used medicines. Therefore it is concluded that of the patients interviewed in the Unidade de Referência Especializada Demétrio Medrado, the majority is of the feminine sex, are concentrated between the of 31-40 years, in most cases because of headache, using mainly analgesic until the symptoms are ceased.

Moreira JR Editora