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Physical activity can be defined as muscular contraction. The caloric expenditure is the best herald of physical activity as it increases in function of muscular contraction. Nowadays physical activity is recognized as an important health promotion factor at all ages. It diminishes the occurrence of atherosclerosis and its consequences and tends to maintain adequate levels of fitness during ageing. As menopause normally occurs at an age were it is possible to recognize the adverse effects of a sedentary life, the goals of physical activity promotion are mostly the adequate corporal composition and physical fitness, with the purpose of a better health and quality of life. All types of physical activity are considered muscular contraction, independently of the characteristics or objectives. Considering the safety, the muscular overloading must be controlled. It is recommended a basic program of resistance exercises, at a minimum of two times weekly, complemented with activities of individual preference and adequateness.

Moreira JR Editora