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Introduction: Description of the myocardial wall and the fundamental physiologic mechanisms of the contraction and relaxation and presentation of the relevance of cardiac remodeling (CR). Discussion: The pressure overload and the morphologic, biochemical and functional aspects of the cardiac remodeling (CR). The influence of the cardiac preload and the neuro-humoral activation in the production of cellular mediators (angiotensin II, endothelin, nor-epinephrin, aldosterona, citocinas, growth factors) and the paper carried out by the cardiomiocyten and for the fibroblasts in CR. However, CR is usually a adaptative process to preserve the normal acting of the heart, this process, goes with cumulative alterations, that includes damage the contractile function and the geometry of the ventricular cavity, culminating in congestive heart inadequacy and premature death. Conclusion: Being considered that CR is continuous and progressive, his/her recognition and therapeutic intervention should be precocious so that she can revert, to interrupt or make it slow. When the heart inadequacy settles the remodeling meets already in advanced phase, being difficult his/her reversion or reduction, constituting forecast of shady prognostic for the patient.

Moreira JR Editora